WGM BMW M2 Competition Tuning Package – Stage 3 (650HP)

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WGM Stage 3 Tuning Package for BMW M2 Competition equipped with the S55 Engine (410PS model)

An impressive 240HP with 160LBFT midrange gains can be seen from this must-have package! Our Road and Track proven ECU software calibration takes the M2 to another level boasting up to 650HP

This package is designed for those seeking to maximize power output with their engine (before engine builds / uprated clutch packs and motorsport Turbo(s) are installed!), With this in mind we advise this is pushing towards the upper outputs, and certain engine weakness is highlighted – Crank hub issues are widely covered, which we can offer a capture plate to help minimize the risk, full fixes can be install prior to tuning or if issues arise. Cooling is also highlighted with the track goers we would highly recommend cooling upgrades for DCT gearbox and charge cooler also to keep fluid temps in check.

Turbo Dynamics provide us with a pair CNC machined built in the UK Hybrids turbochargers, these felted units allow much greater mass airflow, and exhaust gas flow capable of extreme HP numbers is supporting fuel. Priced on an exchange basis, with new BMW units available at additional costs.

Paired with Enhance Performance downpipes, with their superior quality and manufacturing process also here in the UK. These are unrivalled with fully back purged TIG welded products which also look as good as they are made! We can supply other downpipes, but we choose quality before price. The option to match with their cat-back exhaust system also.

Cat-back systems can be offered, from the downpipes backwards (Enquire), otherwise, this service includes a complete GPF bypass section from the downpipes with or without sports cats. We remove the complete exhaust system to cut and sleeve the Milltek section

Uprated Airtec Chargecooler / Charge pipes are also offered for improved charge temps, ensuring power is consistent lap after lap on track and street while removing the noticeable power drop in the summer months! While adding extra HP in the process!

This package includes the following:

  • Roading Road (Dyno Session) 
  • Before and After Printouts
  • Full data logging Session to ensure correct running
  • Turbo Dynamics Hybrid Turbochargers
  • Labour to install Turbochargers inc genuine Gaskets / Seals
  • Enhance Performance Downpipes
  • Labour to install Downpipes
  • Milltek Sport GPF Delete Section
  • Labour to install Exhaust sections / Cat-back system
  • Developed ECU Calibration Software, which also features
  • Sport displays rescaled to suit higher outputs
  • GPF Delete Software
  • Catalyst code removal to avoid EML lights
  • Cold start delete (removal of high / loud idle) (optional)
  • Overrun / Decel feature (Optional)
  • Boost / Ignition Optimized 
  • AFR Optimized 

As our ECU calibration software is not Generic, we can carry out custom bespoke requests if required, just ask!

Recommended Options

  • Uprated Spark Plugs
  • Hi-Flow Panel Filters
  • Crank Hub Capture Plate
  • Airtec Charge Cooler
  • Cat-Back System

Expected Results, based on our Dyno Dynamics rolling Road:

+190-290HP (600-700HP)
+ 100-150LBFT (570-620LBFT)

Note – Results are based on running High Octane Fuel, Either Tesco 99 or Shell Nitro, any other fuel is deemed substandard, and the results will be lower.

This is an in house service offered at WGM HQ only.  For more information on our tuning guide, click here 

Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 kg
Air Filter

Hi Flow Panel Filter


GPF Bypass Section, GPF Bypass Section with Sport Catalysts

Charge Cooler

Airtec Charge Cooler, No Thanks!

ECU Tuning

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